2023.2.14 Unicocell Biomed New Drug Receives Certification from SNQ



On February 14, 2023, Unicocell Biomed Co., Ltd. (referred to as Unicocell Biomed) participated in the 25th SNQ National Quality Mark Certification held by the National Biotechnology and Medical Industry Promotion Association (referred to as "BioMed Taiwan"). Unicocell Biomed’s mesenchymal stem cell drug, ELIXCYTE® obtained certification, which proven the professional recognition of the safety and quality of Unicocell Biomed’s new drug research and development.

The "SNQ National Quality Mark" (Symbol of National Quality) of BioMed Taiwan represents "Safety and Quality." To obtain the SNQ, it requires rigorous and professional scientific verification and review by more than 100 of the most authoritative scholars and experts in the biotechnology, nutrition, and medical fields in Taiwan. It is used to check the safety and quality of health food, cosmetics, medical devices, and medical care services related to our health. Unicocell Biomed has received numerous awards in recent years, once again proven its commitment to meeting higher standards in new drug research and development through strict external inspection.


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