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  • Specific Cellular Therapeutic Technology

    New options for knee osteoarthritis treatment

    Since September 2018, Taiwan has opened up “The regulations for the implementation or use of specific medical technology inspections and inspections of medical equipment”, referred to as "Specific regulation for cellular therapeutic technology" and can approve medical institutions to implement cell therapy. 
    UnicoCell BioMed has cooperated with a number of medical institutions to apply for cell therapy plans in different indications. Among them, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital has begun to treat patients with knee osteoarthritis using this new therapy of regenerative medicine.

  • UnicoVial®

    Cryotube and drug container for cell therapy products


    UnicoVial® is an exclusive patented design that can be used for long-term ultra-low temperature storage and drug container for cell therapy products, which is easy to fill and operate in clinical use.

  • Testing Service

    It is mentioned in the "Clinical Trial Application and Review Standards for Human Cell Therapeutics" that the purpose of quality testing is to verify process control and batch-to-batch consistency, and more importantly, to ensure the quality and safety of the final product. In order to carry out strict quality control on raw materials, reagents and final cell products, UnicoCell established a quality control laboratory (UnicoCell QC Lab), and established analytical methods based on national pharmacopoeias, national standards or scientific journals, and in August 2020 passed the ISO/IEC 17025 inspection by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF). ISO/IEC 17025 certification items: "sterility test", "endotoxin", "mycoplasma", "cell count and viability.

  • Perfectin®

    Perfectin contains the most complete factor secreted by stem cells and can be used as a raw material for skin care products.


  • Uniskin  Aqua  Mask

    ♦ Suitable for all skin types.

    ♦ Repair immediately after laser.

    ♦ Instant nourishment at important moments.

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