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Conditioned Medium

UnicoCell has been focused on the development of stem cell related applications and technologies for the past decade.

During our study of cell culture method, we have developed a unique production method which can significantly increase the unit concentration of stem cell secretome compared to the traditional culture method. We have obtained an invention patent for our proprietary process of producing stem cell secretome. 

Product Description

UnicoCell Conditioned Medium 

The paracrine factors secreted by stem cells, are produced and extracted by UnicoCell's patented proprietary process with the purity and concentration of effective factors significantly higher than other similar products processed with traditional culture method, and annual capacity is 2000 Liters and more.





Safety Quality Test 

Listed items are performed to each batch production.


Conditioned medium are rich in water-soluble proteins, glycoproteins, peptides, growth factors and chemotactic factors, etc. They are widely used in regenerative medicine research, such as immune research, inflammation mechanism and wound or tissue repair. We continue to cooperate with domestic and foreign research institutions to develop the application of UnicoCell Conditioned Medium.

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