2023.3.31 Unicocell Biomed Joins Taiwan Extracellular Vesicle Industry-Academia Association as a Member of the STEERING COMMITTEE



Dr. Hong Yi-Pei, the General Manager of Unicocell Biomed Co., Ltd. (referred to as Unicocell Biomed) has been invited by the Taiwan Extracellular Vesicles Industry-Academia Association to serve as a member of the STEERING COMMITTEE. The association aims to promote the development of the extracellular vesicles industry in Taiwan through integration and collaboration.

The Taiwan Extracellular Vesicles Industry-Academia Association was initiated by former Minister of Health and Welfare, Professor Lin Zou-Yan, and held its founding conference on March 31, 2023, at the Nangang Biotech Park. During the conference, Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare Wang Bi-Sheng and Director of the Food and Drug Administration Wu Xiu-Mei were invited to deliver speeches and encouragement. With over a decade of expertise in the field of stem cells, Unicocell Biomed has gained recognition for its strong research and development capabilities, and Dr. Hong Yi-Pei, as the General Manager, was invited to represent the company as a member of the STEERING COMMITTEE. Unicocell Biomed has successfully developed a unique method for producing stem cell secretome, which significantly increase the unit concentration of the secretome compared to traditional culture methods, surpassing similar products in quality. Through unique preservation technology, the active components can be maintained at high activity levels for extended periods. Thus, Unicocell Biomed is capable of large-scale production of stem cell secretome, with an annual capacity exceeding 2,000 liters, making it the idea upstream raw material for the isolation and purification of extracellular vesicles.


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